Several members of the Governmental Affairs Committee met with county elected officials last week.  The purpose of this outing was to get acquainted with our officials, learn about their functions, and engage in questions important to agriculture.  Those who attended were able to learn a great deal about the inner workings of county government and can better inform the community of issues they are facing.  This is an event that we will continue to offer as we all found it very beneficial.  Pictured from left to right: (front row) Mark Reichert, Rich Ramsey, Wayne Benanti, Paul Palazzolo (back row) Andy Goleman, Allen Entwistle, J.D. Sudeth, Larry Beaty, Larry Lionts, Mike Thompson



What is FB ACT?

FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) started as a group of men and women who called their legislators 3 or 4 times a year in support or opposition of a bill. That used to work. Today, your phone call can easily be drowned out by others speaking out against you. FB ACT is a program that helps you take back your influence in Washington, Springfield, and even your own backyard. We would like to thank those members who responded to all Action Requests that were sent out in 2011.  These members are listed here.  We would also like to show our appreciation to all those members who participate in the FB ACT Program.  To become a member of FB ACT please fill out the form below and mail back to the us at: Sangamon County Farm Bureau 2631 Beechler Court Springfield, IL 62703

FB ACT MEMBERS responding to all actions requests initiated in 2011 and reporting their contacts to IFB (excluding CFB Managers and IFB Board Members): Larry Beaty, Wayne Benanti, Allen Entwistle, Andy Goleman, Tim Kinner, Bryon Muench, Lance Poe, Rich Ramsey, David Ray, Mark Reichert, Paul Rice, Tim Seifert, J.D. Sudeth, Mike Thompson, and Jim Underwood